Leycett - Hamlet near Stoke: Levershede 1474, Lysot 1475. Lycett became a common family name in the area.

Lissett - Hamlet near Bridlington: Lessete 1086, Lyssett 1561, Lissitt 1650; "Dwelling near the pasture".

"In LISSETT, Ulf had 3 carucates of land to the geld, and there could be 12 ploughs. ..." (Domesday Book: A complete translation, 2002, p.838)

Lysaght - Lysaght, MacLysaght of County Clare: anglicised and distorted from the Gaelic Mac Giolla Iasachta.

Lizotte - Lizet, Lizot, Lizotte, Liset: désignait un ver qui ronge les bourgeons de la vigne. Le sens de cen nom est obscur.

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In the 1881 British Census, 79% of these families use the Lycett spellings (Licett, Lycet, Lycett, Lycetts, Lycitt), 10% use the Lysaght spellings (Lysaght, Lysaight), 9% use the Lissett (Lessett, Lisett, Lisset, Lissett) spellings and 2% use Lissit, Lyset, Lysett.

Each time Joseph and Elizabeth are mentioned in Fenland parish registers their surname has a different spelling: Lisett, 1792; Lycett, 1797; Lysett, 1801; Lisit, 1802; Lissett, 1804; Licet, 1807.

The variety in spelling continues in the records of surrounding villages: Lassit, Leasett, Lissot, Lisett, Lissard, Lisset, Lissitt, Lizzard.

And continues: Lassett, Leasat, Lease, Leasit, Leccett, Lecett, Lecy, Leecet, Leese, Leicet, Leset, Lessit, Licatt, Licette, Licit, Liset, Lissat, Lissatt, Lissette, Lizzette, Lycat, Lycet, Lycott, Lysat, Lysate, Lysatt, Lyscott, Lysitt, Lysott, Lysset, Lyssett.

Where were they from?

The 1881 British census data allows a crude analysis of the distribution of family names, before the migrations of the late 19th century. The proportional circles show how many heads-of-household in the 1881 census were born in each place. These individuals were born during the period 1800-1860.

The Lissett spellings in Fenland are from a single extended family, appearing in records from the 1790s. Records from 1560-1800 would show a different concentration of Lissett spellings - around Bampton Oxfordshire.

The information has been simplified: nearby places have been grouped together. The actual birthplaces given for the 15 Lycett heads-of-household shown at Stoke were: Burslem, Chesterton, Newcastle under Lyme, Tunstall, Wolstanton.

In 1503, Joan Lyset was born 2 miles from the village of Leycett, near Stoke.

In 1541 John Lesseyt is recorded in the East Riding hamlet of Lissett (Lessete in the Domesday Book). The landholders and people had become known by the placename. Ingelram de Monceaux (1147-1205) was also-known-as Ingelramo de Leset; similarly Walter De Lesset, Geoffre De Lesset, Richard Lesset and Robert Lessyt.

Lycett and Lissett family names were recorded across England during the early 16th century.